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First of all, we need to say, all our phone is copy phone ,it is not permit to accept the Normal payment method,so we only accept the WU and T/T two ways payment method,Hope every customer can understand it, but we really supply the best quality and cheap vertu phone, it is value for money, and we know the real vertu phone is very expensive,all our phone can compare with the original vertu phone, most of the people can not distinguish.

Recently, some of our customers not believe  us, we upload some photos to prove, this place is our work place, and the phone is the inventory. we can also support the customer's DHL AWB number for checking. every customer bought from us, we promiss 100% arrange to ship out the phone,some phone not in stock sometimes, maybe wait for several days. it's normal.our cooperate express company is the DHL,EMS,each customer can tracking the shipping states after we ship.

and the end, we not only sale the phone, we also make friends, we believe with our sincerity service, to become the customer's business partner.

1.Our work office, all the phone ship out from here

2.Customer whom pay by Western Union, We give the bank receipt to prove

3.our default shipping method is by DHL,or EMS, depand on your country customs strict or not,we can slove it for our rich experience.

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Use the photos to say: how we can be believed!
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